We’re thrilled to share the highlights of a remarkable evening at the 4th edition of our flagship event, the Blue Carpet Night, in Bangalore. This event marked a crucial chapter in fostering collaboration between European and Indian startup ecosystems.

Six outstanding European startups — Anyline, Nano-tech, Cheesecake Energy, Enline, PVRmed, and Soula AI — were in the spotlight, showcasing groundbreaking solutions in healthtech, clean-tech, and deep technology at the Bangalore International Centre.

The startups engaged with key figures in the Indian startup ecosystem, including venture capitalists, potential partners, and corporations. It was an immersive experience in cross-border innovation!

The event was attended by more than 100 guests including 20 main European investors, innovation hubs and government bodies, participating in an exclusive Business Mission offered by the EU-India Innocenter. They spent a week in India connecting with the country’s top players and gaining valuable insights into the myriad opportunities in India.

A week of networking and opportunities

The startups, investors and Ecosystem Builders delved deep into the Indian startup ecosystem. The agenda included a roundtable discussion at NASSCOM Future Forge, a field trip to Tata Elxsi, an EU-India partnership roundtable focusing on smart cities and cross-border innovation with Indian real estate leaders, and a pitch session with startups and VCs (both from EU and India) organized by KDEM (Karnataka Digital Economy Mission). Additionally, the week included a visit to DERBI Foundation and the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), all in Bangalore.

­­­Varun Mallapragada Programme Partner at the EU-India Innocenter, said, “We believe in our vision of supporting innovation diplomacy as a significant part of building stronger international relations. We are committed to creating opportunities, fostering collaborations, and shaping the future of tech-driven innovation.”

Rodrigo Olmedo, Programme Partner at the EU-India Innocenter, added, “We are grateful to our ecosystem stakeholders, investors, innovation hubs, and various government bodies across India and Europe, who play a major role in the success of our programme. We thank them all for a wonderful evening of innovation and collaboration and for their interest in sharing our vision of cross-continental innovation exchange.”

Michel Mellis, a seasoned investor in landing and accelerating tech startups, and Innovator from EGI Group, expressed keen interest in the programme’s initiative, adding, “India’s ascent as a global innovation powerhouse presents a golden opportunity for startups eyeing international expansion. The atmosphere is ripe for dynamic global collaborations and innovation.”

The Indian ecosystem of the programme includes innovation hubs and organizations namely, Startup India, Invest India, Tata Elxsi, JLL Idea Labs, KDEM, etc., including enterprises like, Jio, Titan Company Limited, TVS Motors, Accenture, etc.   Additionally, it features EU innovation ecosystem players like, Technopol, Krakow Technopark, Hitachi Ventures, Cambridge Cleantech, among others.

Breaking news:

The EU-India Innocenter has extended market-entry support to Indian startups aiming for the European market. It’s a dynamic two-way street for startups to explore global opportunities.

Mr Seppo Nurmi, charge d’affaires, European Union Delegation to India said,Startups are the pulse of any economy, accelerating innovation and sustainable development. We are glad to see that this EU funded initiative is helping unleash collaborative potential between the EU and Indian startup ecosystem, which we hope will lead to value creation for both economies and citizens.” He added, “The programme extending its market-entry support to Indian startups will further accelerate EU-India collaboration”.

Cristina Russo, Director for Global and International Cooperation in Research and Innovation in the European Commission, recognised the important role of startups in the trade nexus technology challenges. We praise the work of the EU-India Innovation Center for its thorough programme bringing such mature and diverse stakeholders to India. We also welcomed the programme’s initiative expanding support to Indian startups to explore the European market, it reflects well with the work under the recently launched Trade and Technology Council (TTC) between the EU and India.

To date, EU-India Innocenter has a track record of facilitating eight strategic partnerships from previous cohorts, who are currently in the phase of launching pilot projects in health-tech, clean-tech, deep-tech, logistics, sectors. The programme remains committed to connecting startups, creating opportunities, and strengthening ties between India and Europe through innovation. It continues to be the bridge of innovation for exchanging ideas, expertise, and resources among startups, research institutions, investors, and businesses.

This is just the beginning of a promising tech journey between India and Europe. Stay tuned for more innovation, collaboration, and growth!

The original EU-India Innocenter project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
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