Tailor-made Shore Power and Charging Solutions for Ports and Shipowners.

With faster-than-competition production and delivery, and a customizable design, ShoreLink is available to all port authorities who want to be ready for the 2025 EU legislation deadline. Ports wanting to remain competitive in the maritime shipping market will need HVSC; allowing docked shippers to save up to €1m/year per vessel by making easy, clean coldironing the logical choice at the quayside. ShoreLink’s robust, adaptable design and flexible production make this easier to achieve.

ShoreLink provides ports and construction companies with an EU-designed and made coupling that can be easily included in any development project. This makes that port’s future in the maritime sector more competitive, cleaner, and, being in line with EU regulations, more secure.

Meanwhile, a cleaner port also means fewer restrictions on shore-side development and expansion. All this by letting ships run all their dockside operations on flexibly installed, cheaper electric shorepower. ShoreLink is powering sustainability!