Newborn Solutions develops non-invasive technology for detection and monitoring of infections in serous body fluids, with a main focus on infant meningitis, thanks to quick, easy and cost-effective solutions.

Meningitis suspicion is challenging due to the unspecific signs associated to the infection. Lumbar puncture to draw a sample of cerebrospinal fluid is an essential investigation, and the current standard, but it is difficult to perform and potentially hazardous for the sick child. Our team has developed Neosonics, a first-in-class medical device that uses high-resolution ultrasound, unique coupling materials and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automatically count, at the push of a button, white blood cells in the cerebrospinal fluid directly below the infant fontanelle, a well-established diagnostic marker for infections.

The original EU-India Innocenter project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
Coordination and Support Action Program under Grant Agreement No. 101004815 and was created with love by: