IDEE is a software company that has created an ecosystem, which delivers trusted in-teraction (authentication, authorization, identification) by leveraging the user’s phone, Public Key Cryptography (PKC) and blockchain technology. We currently maintain three patents in the area of continuous authentication and identity management. IDEE’s vision is to make the trillions of daily interactions on the internet, trustworthy.

Passwords don’t exist with IDEE. OneClick™ is our multi-factor-authentication solution that conveniently provides secure access to any website, app, computer, or anything by just unlocking the phone. We future-proofed OneClick™ with continuous authentication.

Our blockchain-based ecosystem creates one identity, JUNO™, for the digital and physical world. With JUNO™, the user can, with complete privacy, prove any aspect of their identity, using their phone. When they want, where they want and to whom they want.