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What is the starter package?

The Internationalisation starter package is a set of resources to help you get started with your international expansion. Through this package, you will understand your level of preparation for internationalisation and the first steps to go abroad, as well as receive important tips from those who have already been through this process.

  • An online internationalisation assessment
  • A 30 min internationalisation crash course
  • A 15 min Indian Market overview
  • The possibility of having an exclusive mentoring session with our internationalisation experts

What do I get?

Resource 1 - Internationalisation readiness test

To start your journey, you will complete a 5 minutes questionnaire and find out your level of readiness for the internationalisation process. After that, you will receive an email with valuable insights about your current stage and what you can do to start your international expansion.

Resource 2 - Internationalisation Crash Course

Our Crash Course will answer your main questions and provide you with key information to start your international expansion. This is a 30 min video class from which you will learn:

What is the right time to start my international expansion? What are the main do’s and don’ts to access a new market? What are the first steps I should take?

Resource 3 - India Course - Why India should be on your roadmap

A 15 minutes video to explain why you should be seriously thinking about India - the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world and home to more than 50 unicorns.
Our specialist Abhimanyu Bhardwaj introduces you to this promising market, showing its faces, opportunities and needs. When you finish this video, you will understand that not thinking about India can be the biggest mistake of any entrepreneur.

Resource 4 - Mentoring session with our experts

If you fulfil the qualifications*, you can have a free session with one of our mentors to discuss the next steps of your internationalisation process.

Our mentors are experienced internationalisation experts that have already led many companies towards new markets. During this session, they will share their knowledge and experience to help you take advantage of the endless opportunities ahead of you.

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Who can have access to the internationalisation starter package?

The starter pack is available for any European tech company that wants to take its first steps towards international expansion.

The programme is completely free of charge and has no equities involved!

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    Who is eligible for the mentoring session?

    *You should fulfil the following criteria to have the opportunity to personally discuss your company’s situation and next steps with one of our mentors:

    • • Complete the internationalisation readiness assessment
    • • Have a legal entity based in Europe
    • • Have paying customers and revenue growth
    • • Believe your product is suitable for the Indian market

    The EU-India Innovation Center prepares European startups and entrepreneurs to launch and expand their activities in India, supporting their market entry strategies and creating a solid local network. With extensive experience and high credibility in designing programmes in Europe and abroad, we add our expertise to provide tailored and personalized assistance and a wide network of contacts, offering business coaching and scaling support. We are business strategists and entrepreneurs sharing a common vision of building a global organization dedicated to scaling innovators. The best group of specialists deeply engaged in the Indian and European markets, ready to take your business to the next level.

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