An introductory session where European companies can learn the most important aspects about international expansion.

You will get valuable insights on how to turn a local startup into a global business and get an overview of the Indian market.


During this 1h30 session we will help you to answer the main questions about expanding a company to a new market:

  • Why do companies expand internationally?
  • What is the right time to think about international expansion?
  • What are the main dos and don’ts to access a new market?
  • How to select my next country?
  • What are the first steps I should take?
  • Could India be an interesting market for my company?


The preparation training offers you the right tools and insights to help you build out your internationalisation strategy.

2 on-line training sessions with individual support and assignments.

2 sessions to help you find what constitutes a market opportunity and what to consider when building your expansion strategy.

Session 1
Market Opportunity

  • Size & Growth
  • Regulation
  • Competition
  • Pricing
  • Need & Culture

Session 2
Go-To-Market Strategies

  • Value Proposition
  • Localization
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Pricing
  • People & Partnerships


You will learn about sector-specific opportunities, regulations, and best practices and connect with key Indian stakeholders.

Explore & Validate will give you a hands-on experience and expose your startup to the Indian market. In this 8-week market immersion, you will learn how the Indian consumer/buyer thinks and operates and how this can affect your business model for India. During validation, we will give you access to our trusted local network to validate your offer for the needs of this new market and work for pilots and first customers with the aim of building the pillars of an Indian market entry strategy.

8 weeks exploring the Indian Market to validate your product with customers & partners and localize your offering to meet local needs:

  • Understand Indian Customers and local decision makers behaviour
  • Present your Business Model to identify key areas for localization
  • Meet potential clients, partners, innovators and mentors
  • How to select my next country?
  • Explore Sector-specific dynamics and regulations
  • Plan your next step & develop potential timelines and possible gaps to address
  • Commitment expectation: 5 hours per week


Enter and grow in the Indian market. Explore new customer opportunities, partnerships and find avenues to scale your startup in India. During 3 months you will receive personalized support and advice to implement your business model and get your first Indian Clients.

A 3 months high value-added programme to enter and scale in the Indian market. Localise your startup in India, with personalized advice and continuous support and assistance.

  • Deep dive into focus areas such as Sales, Customer Success and Lead Generation in the Indian context;
  • Get introduced to a variety of partners for Admin, HR, Legal and Marketing support in India;
  • Team localisation in India;
  • Work alongside our mentors and experts to achieve the set goals;
  • Meet potential customers and partners;
  • Get in touch with potential investors from the Indian ecosystem.
  • Commitment Expectation: 12 week programme, 2 hours per week (6 consecutive weeks and 6 alternate weeks).


By being selected into our programme you will receive free support in every step of your journey - from discovering possibilities in the Indian market to validating the country and finding new customers.