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We are Wellola – supporting modern healthcare providers to meet patient communication needs today, whilst future-proofing for the needs of tomorrow.

The Wellola team believes only the sickest of the sick should be hospitalised and that the future of healthcare is preventative, community-based and supported by digital tools. Wellola prides itself in being highly user-focused, reliable, robust and easy-to-use. Our team have unique, in-depth sector know-how, our pricing model is extremely cost effective and our business model is scalable for national markets.

Wellola’s patient portal offers hospitals and clinics the opportunity to revolutionise how they care for and communicate with their patients, handling real-time scheduling for in-person and online care, and ongoing correspondence in a manner that is GDPR- compliant, low cost and branded to their needs, resulting in substantial savings for that hospital and an improved healthcare experience for the patient.

We have both business to business (works from clinic website) and business to enterprise (works from hospital or professional body site) offerings available. Our software is simple to set up and easy to use.