The Internationalisation Crash Courses (ICCs) are 1h30 classes in which European tech companies can learn the most important aspects about international expansion.

During these free of charge sessions, one of our experts will bring their experience and share valuable learnings about transforming a local startup into a global business.


During the ICCs, we help entrepreneurs answer the main questions related to expanding a company to a new market:

  • Why do companies expand internationally?
  • What is the right time to think about international expansion?
  • What are the main do’s and don’ts to access a new market?
  • How to select my next country?
  • What are the first steps I should take? 
  • Could India be an interesting market for my company? 
  • Q&A

Who can participate?

  • Tech Companies 
  • European Startup/SMEs
  • MVP ready
  • Have the ambition to expand internationally
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Our experts


Rodrigo Olmedo is a Brazilian entrepreneur with a background in marketing and international business. He has lived in three continents and founded two companies – a digital marketing agency and uGlobally, an organization that helps tech companies access new markets. Through uGlobally, Rodrigo has already involved +250 influential ecosystem players and companies from +35 nationalities in its projects.

In addition to that, Rodrigo is a facilitator in European projects, a speaker in different events, and a mentor for accelerator programmes around the world.


Emilie is the Director and President of the Board at DutchBasecamp. She has a passion for innovation and tech startups, because of the necessary change it brings to the world. Worked with over 150 entrepreneurs on their growth and international roadmap. Worked and lived in the Netherlands, USA, Portugal and South Africa.



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1 - Is there any maturity requirement to participate in the ICC's?

We do not require that you are already big in your market to participate in our courses. Our goal is to support companies who are interested in learning about the internationalisation process. Thus, you can join us from early development stages, as long as you have a MVP ready and the ambition to grow internationally in the next three years.

2 - Is this course about India?

No – the ICC is a “country-agnostic” training. We will touch base on a few aspects of the Indian market as examples, but the training has the goal of preparing you for international expansion – it doesn’t matter if you decide to expand to India, the Netherlands, or Brazil.

If you already know that the Indian market is your target, we suggest you take a look at our specific  training for this topic

3 - Are the ICC's Free of charge?

Yes, you don’t need to pay anything to be part of an ICC.

4 - Why are some ICC's for closed communities only?

We organize some courses exclusively for the startup community of our ambassadors.

5 - Where do the ICC's take place?

For now, the ICC’s will all be online through Zoom. You will receive the link to the room as soon as you are accepted into the course.

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